Preventive Gutter Maintenance

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Your home needs extra protection from the elements to stay looking beautiful. At Sal's Powerwashing in La Grange Park, Oak Park & Oak Brook, IL, we perform gutter maintenance that prevents clogs and backups. Service includes chemical-free cleaning, gutter guard installation, and downspout jetting. We also install gutter toppers that come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Scheduled Service

Scheduled Service

Call us anytime for gutter services that maintain your system's cleanliness and effectiveness. Job size, the weather, and contract details influence the completion time for your service. Fees are determined by the square footage.

Gutter Services:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Toppers
  • Gutter Down Spouts (Repair & Replacement)
  • Rhino Gutter Guards (Service & Installation)

RHINO Gutter Guards

RHINO is manufactured from 3000 series aluminum, stainless steel mesh, and 3000 series "embossed" aluminum (for the body and lip. The mesh is "hemmed" over the expanded metal and then roll formed to achieve its shape creating unprecedented lateral tension of the mesh, forcing it to be in constant contact with the substrate.

RHINO is backed by a 100% "NO CLOG" guarantee, including a 20 year warranty, and your complete satisfaction is assured.

All RHINO Products Come With a 20 Year Warranty

Micro Mesh:

RHINO utilizes an optimally sized 42 mesh that yields 440 micorn openings.
Embossed Surface Augments Debris Shedding. RHINO features an embossed aluminum, texture that minimizes surface contact area. This promotes easy debris shedding.

Patented "Hemmed Mesh" Process:

The patented RHINO mesh hem process integrates the mesh with the substrate creating a "laminate" that cannot be compromised. It also affords lateral tension that guarantees that the mesh is in constant contact with the substrate.

Complete Gutter Protection Coupled With Gutter Strengthening:

Not only does RHINO prohibit all debris from entering your gutters, it creates complete gutter system strength when installed.

Contact us for gutter services that prevent water from accumulating on your roof and along your foundation.